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Inside The Mind Of a CTO

80% of CTOs say that organization where digital has transformed processes, talent engagement and business models have a clear and coherent digital strategy.
– Deloitte

IT is a dynamic industry, where any updates in the technology can bring about the major changes. You to be very proactive in keeping up with the rapid-paced evolution of technology. Daffodil helps CTOs ensure that their company reach a good position in terms of the technology, which they can use to deliver the best to their customers.

Transform Your Technology Stack with Daffodil

  • Adopt New Tech Faster

  • Maximizing ROI

  • Digital Expansion

  • The Challenge

    Being a CTO is full of challenges, where you have to keep up with the emerging trends, in order to ensure that your company has the best technology. We help CTOs understand how technology shifts could impact their organisation. We help them take advantages of technologies like AI, automation and more.

    15% of CTOs are from companies that are at the early stages of what we call digital maturity.
    – Deloitte

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Feasibility Analysis

      Helping you understand the impact of your idea and gauging the technology integration to the business model.

    • POC Development

      We aid in end-to-end digital solutions starting right from idea generation, POC, MVP development, UI/UX and clean code development.

  • The Challange

    It’s important to anticipate upcoming trends so you can make the best budget and production plans for your company. Our experts will help you find the best technology solution which will strengthen your project and add value to the investment made for this technology shift.

    Technology spend is expected to increase rapidly in 2020.

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Feasibility Analysis

      Understanding your business requirement and through thorough research finding the best technology solution for you.

    • POC Development

      All concepts are tested for its real-world implementation and modification to it is done by our in-house R&D teams if required.

  • The Challenge

    Our in-house R&D team helps CTOs test out their ideas. We help them develop a competitive edge and give them an opportunity to disrupt the market. We help them explore new technologies such as AI, DevOps, Blockchain, IoT and much more.

    33% of CIOs/CTOs can’t find ways to test or experiment with innovative ideas within their organisations
    -Harvey Nash Tech

    How can Daffodil help?

    • R&D

      We help you test out your ideas and push forward with innovative development.

    • POC Development

      By partnering with us, you’re able to facilitate the delivery of innovative projects without refocusing your core team.

What CTOs say about Daffodil

Daffodil brought a technological revolution for us, they brought innovation to our product. W started with Daddodil in 2017 and since then its been a rich experience. Daffodil teams surpass our expectations, with technical knowledge, with teamwork as well. I think its something innovative.

Carlos Carvalho, Development Manager
FS Securities, Brazil

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